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With every purchase, you are improving the quality of life and empowering people who are visually impaired through responsive education, support services, skills training, and employment.

Shopping with L.A.B. serves the community by providing gainful employment for people who are visually impaired, for whom the national unemployment rate is 70 percent. Your support also generates funds to provide a wide range of services and training to those seeking a more independent life.

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We have been in operation since 1927, serving the community and helping those who are visually impared.

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Fair Prices

Not only will you receive high-quality product, our products and services are priced to win your business.

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Fast & Responsive

We pride ourselves in fast turnarounds for services and supplies, with excellent customer support.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not happy with your order simply let us know and we will work with you to sort it out.

Our Story

Over the Years

Founded to Help Those With Visual Impairments Through Training, Services, and Employment

Added a Broom-Making Operation to Increase Employment Opportunities

Move to Claiborne Av and Expanded Operations

Opened Shreveport Print Shop

Founded by the Lions Club as Shreveport Association for the Blind, L.A.B. has evolved from its original operation – training and employing the blind to make and sell brooms – to a multidimensional powerhouse for those with visual impairments.

Today, L.A.B. offers vision evaluations, children’s programs, independent living skills instruction, job training and employment placement through our Community Services division.

An affiliate of National Industries for the Blind, L.A.B. participates in the AbilityOne Program, a federal initiative to help people who are blind or have other severe disabilities find employment with nonprofit agencies that sell products and/or services to the United States government.

We are committed to reducing the 70 percent employment rate for those with visual impairments. Clients are trained in marketable skills and matched with appropriate employers, allowing them to find satisfying work that leads to greater independence. L.A.B. also offers direct employment at our print shop, laser design and die division, copy paper division, and base supply stores at Barksdale Air Force Base and Fort Polk Army Base.  

Income from these enterprises is invested back into L.A.B.’s programs and services, creating a circle of support for our clients.

Base Supply Centers

Your Purchase Creates AbilityOne Jobs


Located at 640 Davis Ave. East

  • Contracted to carry office and cleaning supplies, individual equipment and more.
  • Compliance with FAR, service purchase agreements and AbilityOne mandates.
  • Multiple ordering options: walk-in, call-in, fax or online.


Located at 4405 Entrance Road, Bldg. 7802

  • Contracted to carry office, cleaning supplies, personal safety(PPE), hardware and much more.
  • Compliance with FAR, service purchase agreements and AbilityOne mandates.
  • Multiple ordering options: walk-in, call-in, fax or online.

L.A.B. Industries

High Quality Manufacturing and Design

Laser Design & Die Division

If you’ve set foot on a military ship, tank, jeep, airplane or helicopter, you’ve likely walked on flooring converter manufactured at Louisiana Association for the Blind’s Laser Design and Die division.

We offer an array of laser services, such as custom acrylic and wood cutting and etching, rastering services for 3D imaging and glass etching.

3D AutoCAD Design

L.A.B. offers CAD design, solutions and services. CAD, computer-aided design, is a tool used in product development, architecture, graphic design, engineering and more.

Community Services

Empowering the Visually Impaired to Enter The Workforce

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Low Vision Center

We offer low vision evaluations after a referral from your eye care professional.

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Visual Aids Store

Open daily with the latest technology to enhance your remaining vision levels.

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Assistive Technology

Offering complete rehabilitation services and programs for all ages.


Dad has macular degeneration and he can’t drive, read, or even see the boys on the football field. He reached out to Louisiana Association for the Blind, and (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) Tracy Green has changed his life! Through a grant, she has given Dad specialty glasses and even a gadget that helps him read. He says he can now watch TV, see the boys play on a sports field, and read. Tracy has given Dad hope again!

- Chrisanna Saums

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Become Part of Our Story

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Our Staff

Executive Team

Brian Patchett

Brian Patchett

President & CEO

Audra Muslow-Hicks

Audra Muslow-Hicks

Vice President, Community Services

Alison Young

Vice President, Development and Fundraising

Our Staff


William (Bill) Redcliff

Senior Director, Operations

Myrl Ray

Director, Base Supply Centers

Yolanda Lars

Director, Human Resources

Shun Washington

Chief Financial Officer

Avery Enders

Director, Information Technology

Melinda Brown

Director, Client Solutions

Nora Robinson

Event Manager

Heather McKenzie Haddock

Director, Government Programs

Bruce Petty

Director, Laser, Design and Die

John Sipes

Director, Copy Paper

Shelby Coon

Assistant Director, Laser, Design and Die


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