Stories of Hope

Life-changing services, programs and training stories of community members with visual impairments.

The Dotted Debate

With audiobooks, smart phones, and the ease of access of information via the internet, do we still need to know braille? Some argue the need to learn braille is not as important since audio surrounds us, but I disagree. One of the perks of the ADA (Americans with...

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No Guide Dogs Allowed?

In 2002, I was told about a program that provided computer training to the visually-impaired. The training center, located in a private home, was operated by a husband and wife who (themselves) were visually-impaired. It was a noble idea; two people providing their...

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The Cost of Accessibility

Access isn’t cheap. Accessible technology allows the disabled contact to a whole new world of learning, employment and entertainment that otherwise wouldn’t be possible; however, accessibility comes with a price tag. Access to a computer using a screen reader can cost...

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Summer Mix and Mingle

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have a support system that encouraged my participation in summer fun despite my blindness. For as long as I can remember, I attended summer camp and training programs, and even a summer college course. These camps were both...

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Let’s Celebrate

This will be a celebration of those who define their circumstances. They do not allow their circumstances define them. I want to emphasize the word “celebration” in this article. I am celebrating those who have taken what they’ve been handed and, instead of allowing...

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Painting the Image Unseen

I paint the world in my own image, Pictures of my own making Colors seen through, Object associations. Drawn from within, Truly the mind’s eye Without the influence, From the outside. A voice can paint a picture, Whether fact or fiction The image is mine to hold, My...

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