Stories of Hope

Life-changing services, programs and training stories of community members with visual impairments.

Happy Birthday ADA!

This month marks the 28th anniversary of the signing of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). This law protects individuals with disabilities from being discriminated against because of their disability. Under the law, a person cannot be denied access to...

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Let’s Talk Employment!

The visually impaired have a diamond in their employment portfolio. It is the Randolph Sheppard program, also known as the Business Enterprise Program (BEP). This employment option gives an individual who is blind the experience of being self-employed and earning a...

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The Bark of the Underdog

A recent class assignment inspired the following thoughts. Will the disabled ever not be the underdog? Will we ever have equal access to employment, information, recreational activities, etc.? The pessimistic, yet realistic answer would be no. This does not mean we...

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Inside Focus

In this blog, I will focus inward. Inward, meaning this. I will write about L.A.B and some of the latest news. As we start a new fiscal year here at L.A.B, we begin in a state of growth. Our obvious, and most impactful development is our acquisition of Hilburn...

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Giving Thanks and Saying Thanks

November is the official beginning of the holidays. Hanging decorations, playing holiday music, shopping, eating! Oh, my my! Time to get festive! But it is also the month where we celebrate veterans. L.A.B is saying thank you to our veterans throughout November by...

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A Sad Oversight

I have a friend who is an Elementary Special Education major at a local university. Given that we've been friends for years, and both have a passion for education, we often discuss our experiences, and ask each other's opinions. About a year ago, she was taking a...

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