Giving The Visually Impaired a Voice

The Cost of Accessibility

Access isn’t cheap. Accessible technology allows the disabled contact to a whole new world of learning, employment and entertainment that otherwise wouldn’t be possible; however, accessibility comes with a price tag. Access to a computer using a screen reader can cost...

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Summer Mix and Mingle

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have a support system that encouraged my participation in summer fun despite my blindness. For as long as I can remember, I attended summer camp and training programs, and even a summer college course. These camps were both...

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Let’s Celebrate

This will be a celebration of those who define their circumstances. They do not allow their circumstances define them. I want to emphasize the word “celebration” in this article. I am celebrating those who have taken what they’ve been handed and, instead of allowing...

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Painting the Image Unseen

I paint the world in my own image, Pictures of my own making Colors seen through, Object associations. Drawn from within, Truly the mind’s eye Without the influence, From the outside. A voice can paint a picture, Whether fact or fiction The image is mine to hold, My...

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Happy Birthday ADA!

This month marks the 28th anniversary of the signing of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). This law protects individuals with disabilities from being discriminated against because of their disability. Under the law, a person cannot be denied access to...

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Let’s Talk Employment!

The visually impaired have a diamond in their employment portfolio. It is the Randolph Sheppard program, also known as the Business Enterprise Program (BEP). This employment option gives an individual who is blind the experience of being self-employed and earning a...

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The Bark of the Underdog

A recent class assignment inspired the following thoughts. Will the disabled ever not be the underdog? Will we ever have equal access to employment, information, recreational activities, etc.? The pessimistic, yet realistic answer would be no. This does not mean we...

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