Giving The Visually Impaired a Voice

Inside Focus

In this blog, I will focus inward. Inward, meaning this. I will write about L.A.B and some of the latest news. As we start a new fiscal year here at L.A.B, we begin in a state of growth. Our obvious, and most impactful development is our acquisition of Hilburn...

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Giving Thanks and Saying Thanks

November is the official beginning of the holidays. Hanging decorations, playing holiday music, shopping, eating! Oh, my my! Time to get festive! But it is also the month where we celebrate veterans. L.A.B is saying thank you to our veterans throughout November by...

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The Good Stuff: Ready and able

From By Doug Warner | October 31, 2019 at 4:50 AM CDT - Updated October 31 at 4:50 AM SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - 74 years ago, Congress designated the first week in October to recognize people with disabilities. Now, throughout the entire month of October — the...

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A Sad Oversight

I have a friend who is an Elementary Special Education major at a local university. Given that we've been friends for years, and both have a passion for education, we often discuss our experiences, and ask each other's opinions. About a year ago, she was taking a...

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Reaching Goals I didn’t think were Possible

“L.A.B. has definitely helped me reach goals I don't even think I would've considered being possible.” Beth never had an adjustment period to vision loss because it’s always been a part of her life due to genetics passed down through her dad’s family. Currently, she...

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Never give up. Never settle.

“Never give up. Never settle. Don't stress out. Just try to find a way to handle it and deal with it.” - Gary Gary’s journey to L.A.B. began when he noticed a black spot on his TV screen that glass cleaner wouldn’t remove.  That black spot turned out to be the...

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L.A.B. is Life Changing

Jasmine was just 24 years old when she lost her vision. For three years, her world shriveled to the distance between her couch and her bed as she desperately tried to figure out how she would care for her two young children. “It was depressing. I felt lonely and lost....

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Five Tips for Safe Shopping

It’s that time of year again, and if you’re like me, you’ve got some last minute gifts to grab. Everyone needs to be a bit more careful, this time of year, but for those of us that are blind or low vision, there’s an added level of concern. Thankfully, there are a few...

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Lost and Found

I have a friend who has a daughter who just turned seven. It’s been surreal to me to think about how much she has grown and changed, and just how big a part of my life she has become, since she was born. I often refer to her as “my niece”, as that’s quicker than...

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While a friend was helping me do some spring cleaning, we found a box of things from when I did my Orientation and Adjustment to Blindness training, including some of my Braille books. In an attempt to figure out what the books were, I read the first few pages, and...

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