Orientation and Mobility

Orientation and Mobility Assessment and Training enables a person to determine where he or she is in relation to the environment and how to use appropriate devices to travel in that environment. This segment includes assessment of a person's skill level and individual training, i.e. cane travel, use of public transportation, use of low vision devices and safety. Training also includes outings with a sighted guide to access commercial businesses for daily necessities and recreation. Individuals gain the confidence to escape the confines of their once limited safe environment and explore everything of interest that is available to them.

Orientation and Adjustment to Blindness prepares people who are visually impaired and legally blind for employment by developing the personal, social and transferable work skills required for obtaining and sustaining meaningful, gainful employment. The program normally takes 6-9 months to complete. Students learn orientation and mobility or cane travel, computer skills, independent living skills. They also gain job readiness skills learning customer support and sales support training. Clients are referred to this program through the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services.