About Us

Who we are

Established in 1927, Louisiana Association for the Blind (LAB) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the blind through training, services and employment. As a part of National Industries for the Blind, LAB participates in the nation’s AbilityOne program.
What we do
LAB produces over 250 different SKILCRAFT® products such as copy paper, note pads, index cards, peel-and-stick nonskid, abrasive sanding cloths and many more. Our workforce is made up of over 80% visually impaired employees. In addition to providing jobs we also have a Low Vision Center that provides developmental training for blind children and their parents, everyday life training for adults with recent vision loss, and much more!
How you help
Supporting the AbilityOne program with your purchase....
  • Helps employ over 40,000 people who are blind or have other severe disabilities.
  • Saves the government nearly $3 Million per year.
  • Allows LAB to provide rehabilitation services and training to the visually impaired in Northwest Louisiana.